Features of Messaging Gateway that are bypassed when an IP is in Internal Mail Hosts


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Messaging Gateway




Symantec Messaging Gateway will exclude the IP addresses of internal mail hosts from the following verdicts:

■ Local Good Sender IPs
■ Third Party Good Senders
■ Local Bad Sender IPs
■ Third Party Bad Senders
■ Directory Harvest Attacks
■ Symantec Global Bad Senders
■ Symantec Global Good Senders
■ Connection Classification
■ Email Virus Attacks
■ Fastpass
■ Sender Authentication

In addition to internal mail hosts you can add, Symantec Messaging Gateway includes a series of IP address ranges in the internal hosts list as follows:

■ ::/128
■ ::1/128
■ fe80 ::/10
■ fc00::/7