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A resident resource rule was changes and directory rebuilt. The new rule worked. Access onother lpars that share the database failed.


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ACF2 ACF2 - DB2 Option ACF2 for zVM ACF2 - z/OS ACF2 - MISC PanApt PanAudit


There are several reasons why this may not have worked for the sharing LPAR, but one simple action might resolve this problem.

Ensure that a rebuild of the directory is issued on all database sharing systems.



Release: ACF2..001AO-15-ACF2


 When a resident access rule is changed, a message is issued to say that the directory needs to be rebuilt.

 ACF60028 RESOURCE xxxxxxxx REPLACED       
 ACF60039 Issue the F ACF2,REBUILD(type) command to activate the rule 

The rebuild command will rebuild the directory on the local system - but it is also needed to rebuild 
it on all other LPARS that are sharing this database.

If the rebuild is not done,  the original rules will stay in effect on those LPARS - until a rebuild or an IPL.

This also applies to resident access rules (GSO RESRULE) when F ACF2,RELOAD(index) will be required.