How can I verify if the SQL Objects in my Symantec_CMDB are current


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




Please view the attached report it shows SQL Objects like Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers which do not match for the installed version.

The script has the following limitations:

  • If an object was manually altered or updated from a KB etc it will not be able to detect if it is valid
  • There are many Stored procedures and Views that are created programmatically based on the installed solutions.
    • These are not checked as they vary from system to system and generally aren't problematic
  • 3rd party objects are not checked (i.e. Arellia etc)
  • It checks all installed solutions at the same version as selected in the report drop down
  • There are two reports in the attached file zip file they cover 
    • 7.1-7.6
    • 8.0-8.1
  • Does not check encrypted objects

Here is a definition for each column:

  • Object Name: The name of the SQL object like vComputer, vItem, Inv_InstalledSoftware etc
  • Status: If the installed version is current or out of date compared to the selected value in the report drop-down for version
  • Object Type: If the reported object is a table, view, stored procedure etc
  • Current Version data: Tells you that the version currently in the database it was run against
    • This is informational to help determine at what point in an upgrade there may have been a problem


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