MidTier Connector is not retrieving any events in SOI 3.2
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MidTier Connector is not retrieving any events in SOI 3.2


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)



When searching for events in the Event Policy UI, the MidTier Connector is not retrieving any events. However, alerts are being published from the connectors. Since MTC doesn't show any events, we are unable to create & deploy Event Policies on MTC. There are no event files in the \SOI\resources\core\eventstore folder except the 'temp' and 'archive' folders.


If there are no files in the event store and if you see the exception noted below in the \SOI\log\ssa.log, the problem could be with the available disk space:

[Storer timer thread] plugin.AbstractPlugin - Storer.Archive:Exception:Event store cannot write on system because it passed the free disk space threshold set by DESTORE_FREE_DISK_SPACE configuration option.
Free disk space: 20
Space available: 7

SOI 3.2 has additional "ESTORE" parameters in \jsw\conf\SAM-IntegrationServices.conf to configure the event store. ESTORE_FREE_DISK_SPACE sets a minimum required percentage of free disk space (default is 20%). If the drive is more than 80% full, that could be the problem. Please refer to the "SOI Event and Alert Management Best Practices Guide" for more details. Bottom line: make sure the drive has sufficient space or adjust the "ESTORE" parameter values in the above mentioned config file.


Release: SAMBDL99000-3.2-Spectrum-Service Assurance Manager-Promotional Bundle