How to move an Endpoint Protection Manager with SQL database and being a replication partner to a new server with different IP address and host name


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In a multi-site Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) infrastructure, using Microsoft SQL databases (hosted in different systems than those for the SEPM), it may be required to move one of the SEPM from a server to another (with different IP address and host name) with minimal downtime and with no data loss.

This article describes how to replace the existing SEPM with a new one, rather than literally moving it.

 For clarity, let's assume we have SEPM A connected to SQL database DB_A and SEPM B connected to SQL database DB_B and it is required to decomission SEPM A in favour of a new SEPM C (with different IP address and host name). SEPM A and B are configured in replication.

  1. take backup copies of the current infrastructure as per SEPM disaster recovery procedures
  2. install SEPM C as additional console for site A (i.e. attach it to DB_A)
  3. add SEPM C to all Management Server Lists (MSL) for clients where SEPM A is listed and replicate
  4. in SEPM B, add SEPM C in the MSL for the replication with site A and replicate
  5. wait few days to ensure most of the clients receive the new MSL
  6. in SEPM B, remove SEPM A from the MSL for replication with site A and replicate
  7. If everything works fine, in SEPM C, go to Admin > Servers and delete SEPM A from the list of servers under site A and from the MSL's for clients
  8. uninstall SEPM A