Using aex-helper to uninstall the SMP Agent for Unix, Linux and Mac
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Using aex-helper to uninstall the SMP Agent for Unix, Linux and Mac


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Notification Server Agent for Macintosh (Altiris) Notification Server Agent for Unix/Linux (Altiris)




The aex-helper utility has an option to uninstall the SMP Agent for Unix, Linux and Mac (ULM). Examples of using this command follow. 

aex-helper uninstall all -s - shows solutions that are available for uninstallation. Does not uninstall anything. 

aex-helper uninstall all - uninstalls all solutions and the base agent.

aex-helper uninstall INVENTORY - Uninstalls only the specified solution. (See output of 'aex-helper list solutions' for solution names to use here.)

aex-helper uninstall CTAGENT -s - shows if anything is dependent on the specified solution.

aex-helper uninstall all -c - shows commands to uninstall each component and acts as if it is uninstalling. Resulted in odd behavior in that 'aex-helper list' did not show any solutions. 

aex-helper uninstall - shows the help information for this command.


The built-in help provides the following usage information: 

aex-helper uninstall



aex-helper uninstall <Solution-Name> [options]


Uninstall a solution.





    The solution that must be uninstalled. Special name 'all'

    instructs helper to uninstall all of the solutions.





    Uninstall the solutions that depend on the provided solution. If you do not specify this option and there are any such

    solutions, uninstalling the provided solution will fail. The flag is implied in case you want to uninstall all of





    Do not actually uninstall any solutions, but rather list those that will have to be uninstalled.




    Display commands that will be executed in order to uninstall the provided solution and (if needed) its dependants.




Note: One alternate method to uninstall the SMP Agent for ULM is to run the command: 'sudo /opt/altiris/notification/nsagent/bin/aex-uninstall'. 


Another method is to run the uninstall command within each component's subdirectory, i.e., 'sudo /opt/altiris/notificationi/<component>/.uninstall/<uninstall command or script'. This option is not available on all platforms.