How can I auto-populate the Software Portal Manager's profile with his/her direct reports?


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This is only possible if the Software Portal Managers are the same as the end user's actual manager.
This is not necessary as anyone can be assigned to be a Software Portal Manager even if that individual is not an actual manager with direct reports.
The Active Directory must include the manager's direct reports.


For the sake of this article we will say that the Software Portal Managers also have direct reports.

  1. In Settings > All Settings > Notification Server > Account Management > Roles add the managers to the "Software Portal Managers" role.
  2. Run an AD Import for users.
  1. Settings > All Settings > Notification Server > Microsoft Active Directory Import.
  2. Enable the "Import User resources…." Rule.
  3. Click on "these resource associations".
  4. Ensure the first and last option is selected.
  1. Create a 'User' resource for the imported 'User' based on its 'manager' attribute in Active Directory.
  2. Create one or more 'User' resources for the imported 'User' based on its 'directReports' attribute in Active Directory.
  1. OK and save the changes.
  2. Specify a schedule for that rule.


  1. Once the AD Import has completed, have the managers log into their Software Portal profile page to ensure that their AD data is correctly imported including their direct reports.