What is a SetupCapture and how does it work?


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What is SetupCapture and how does it work?


(Note: SetupCapture is available in Wise Installation System 9 and Wise Package Studio.)

The SetupCapture wizard lets you create a Wise-based  installation from a legacy .exe.  It does not capture logic, or source code of the .exe.

SetupCapture works by scanning the files and registry settings on your system before and after you install the application. SetupCapture makes notes of files that are changed or installed, registry keys that are changed or installed, .ini files that are added or changed, and shortcuts that are added. You can also choose to monitor for files or registry keys that are deleted.

By comparing the differences between the pre-install and post-install scans, SetupCapture generates either a Wise installation script (WiseScript) or Wise WSI (Wise Package Studio) that reproduces the effects of the original installation program.

Setup Capture should always be run on a clean machine to obtain the cleanest capture because any existing packages on the computer could alter the capture.