Symantec Data Classification Services - Gathering an Enterprise Vault Retention Category list


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The Classification: Classify Enterprise Vault Content response rule defines the classification result tags that a Classification Server generates for an Exchange message that matches a detection policy.  If you configure this response rule to perform the Archive and classify message action, you also specify the retention category that Enterprise Vault should apply to the archived message. The list of available retention categories that is shown in the Enforce Server administration console is defined using a configuration file, RetentionCategories.config.

When you first install the Data Classification Services solution, you must create a RetentionCategories.config file to include the retention categories that are available in Enterprise Vault servers. If you change the retention categories that are available in an Enterprise Vault deployment, you should also manually change the available categories that are defined in RetentionCategories.config.

To configure the retention categories that are available for classification:

  1. On each Enterprise Vault server, run the ExportRetentionCategories.exe command-line utility that is installed in the Enterprise Vault program folder. (To display usage instructions, execute the utility without supplying any command-line options). You must open the command-line utility from a user with administrator privileges.

    NOTE:  If the ExportRetentionCategories.exe utility is not in the Enterprise Vault installation directory, download the executable attached to this article and add it to the Enterprise Vault installation directory.

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to generate a file that lists the retention categories available in the Enterprise Vault server. The following retention categories are always excluded from the file: 
    1. The retention categories for managed folders.
    2. For English deployments, any retention category with the name <Do not override retention category> does not apply a new retention category. Instead, a retention category that is already available for the message is applied during the archiving process. Keep in mind that hidden retention categories are included in the resulting file.
    Keep in mind that hidden retention categories are included in the resulting file.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each Enterprise Vault server in your deployment.
  4. If you generated files for multiple Enterprise Vault servers, use a text editor to merge the contents of each file into a single file.
  5. Rename the file that contains all retention categories to RetentionCategories.config.
  6. Log on to the Enforce Server computer using Administrator or superuser privileges.
  7. Copy the RetentionCategories.config file that you created to the config subdirectory of the Symantec Data Loss Prevention product installation directory. The default directory is c:\SymantecDLP\Protect\config.
  8. Restart the Enforce Server to apply the changes. See the Symantec Data Loss Prevention Administration Guide for information about starting and stopping Symantec Data Loss Prevention services.


ExportRetentionCategories.exe get_app
ExportRetentionCategories.exe get_app