Patch Management 7.5 Sp1, 7.6 - How to remove unused or old software update bulletins, patch packages from the SMP and environment.


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Patch Management Solution for Windows




To delete the patch packages from your SMP and environment for old bulletins:
1. Ensure that the packages are not used by NS:
 - Disable unused Software Bulletins (Select Bulletin in Patch Remediation Center, Right Click -> Disable)
 - Delete all policies, where Disabled bulletin is included.
    Right mouse click on the bulletin and pick View Policies to see which policy distributes the bulletin.
2. Navigate to Check Software Package Integrity task and enable checkbox "Delete the downloaded packages that are no longer in use".
3. Run Check Software Package Integrity task - Package will be removed from the SMP.
4. As package is not in use any more, it will be removed from Package server(s) after the next policy request and agents according to settings.

Packages are removed from agents according to settings specified in
Settings > Software> Patch Management>Windows Settings>Windows Remediation Settings > Policy and Package Settings > Delete packages after.