What type of Oracle database is recommended for use with Mobility Suite?


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Mobility Suite




The guidelines to follow for an Oracle 11g R2 server to be prepared for use with Mobility Suite are as follows:

Keep the 'appstore' and 'mdmcore' separated by ensuring they do not share the same tablespace.

Supported implementations:
a)  Single Oracle server/cluster, Single SID/DB/instance, Two tablespaces/users
b)  Single Oracle server/cluster, Two SIDs/DB's/instances
c)  Two Separate Oracle servers/clusters

It is recommended to use a UTF8 character set because of all the ASCII information that is stored in the database. UTF16 will function, but will not be the most ideal choice. UTF32 should be avoided since it will degrade database performance.

To check the character set from the Oracle database, the following command can be run:

SELECT * FROM nls_database_parameters WHERE parameter LIKE '%CHARACTERSET%';

Check the value of the parameter labeled 'NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET' for the UTF version.

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