Reimaging a physical Web Gateway (SWG) appliance
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Reimaging a physical Web Gateway (SWG) appliance


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Physical appliances are shipped with the operating system already installed.  If you need to install the operating system, use the following procedure to reimage the drive from an ISO file.

ISO files are maintained on the Symantec FileConnect site.  You need your maintenance serial number to access FileConnect and download the ISO file.  You can find your serial number on the license certificate you received with you initial purchase or on a Version Upgrade Notification.  If you need help locating your serial number, contact Symantec Customer Care.

To reimage a physical appliance

  1. Download the ISO file from and burn this file to a DVD.
  2. Insert the DVD in to the DVD drive of the appliance.
  3. Restart the appliance.
    The appliance restarts from the DVD and begins the reimage process automatically.  The entire sequence may take 10 minutes or more.  When the process is complete, the appliance displays the console screen.
  4. Bootstrap the appliance.  If you are replacing a CIU, ensure that you use the same IP address as you assigned to the old CIU.  If you change the IP address, you must run bootstrap again on all of the scanners.