How to view the enabled and disabled sub-components of the Patch Management Import's Vendor List


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Patch Management Solution for Windows




Attached SQL Report to view on the Console > Reports > All Reports; right-click root folder in the left pane, select; Import and path to the saved attach XML file for the custom report.

Note: This report requires a new Stored Procedure to be created, then the report can be imported to the console, so the attached patchmanagementvendorsql.sql MUST be executed in SQL Service Management Studio against the Symantec_CMDB database (Altiris Database) prior to importing the Custom Report XML.

This report will return the vendors and the subcomponents of these vendors as well as if they are enabled or disabled. The report can then be marked to group by enabled or disabled as needed. Additionally, added a report that may be imported to the Console to view Excluded Software Releases within the PMImport Vendors & Software listing.



patchmanagementvendorsql.sql get_app
Patch Management Enabled Vendor and Subcomponent.xml get_app
Excluded PMImport Software Releases.xml get_app