How to Uninstall Symantec Endpoint Encryption for FileVault Encryption on Mac OSX


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Starting with Symantec Endpoint Encryption (SEE) version 11.0.1, the Symantec Endpoint Encryption for FileVault Client can be used to manage the native FileVault disk encryption with supported versions of Mac OS X. This article details the process for uninstalling the SEE for FileVault Client.

In order to fully remove the SEE for FileVault Client, you must use the uninstall script that is copied to the machine during installation. Moving the application to the Trash will not completely remove the software.

The Symantec Endpoint Encryption for FileVault Client may be removed while the system is still encrypted.

To Uninstall the Symantec Endpoint Encryption for FileVault Client:

1. Log into the machine as an Admin

2. Open the Terminal application located in Applications > Utilities

3. To change directory to the location of the Uninstall Script use the following command:
cd "/Library/Application Support/Symantec Endpoint Encryption"
4. Verify that the Uninstall script is in the directory using the ls command:
5. The Uninstall script must be run as root, Use the sudo command to run as root:
sudo ./uninstall
6.  Enter the password for the Admin that is currently logged in
7.  A message that the encryption will not be affected and to contact your administrator to obtain the recovery key will be presented. Type "y" to continue.
8. Progress messages will be presented, once it returns to the prompt the uninstall has completed