How to easily enable both Network Discovery and PPA trace logging


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server) Altiris Network Discovery




When troubleshooting Network Discovery, enabling trace logging is useful to get finite details on what functions are being called and their results. Adding PPA logging is important as Network Discovery uses PPA for all it's protocol handling. Getting both logs paints the full picture of what is occurring during a Network Discovery. Due to the size of the trace data, it is recommended to narrow the scope of your tests so it is easier to parse through the data.

Note: These keys also work on version 8.x.

Attached to this article are two registry files that will create the necessary registry entries to enable both Network Discovery and PPA (Pluggable Protocol Architecture) trace logging.

  1. Download the attached file to the SMP (Notification Server).
  2. Extract the two files and rename to .reg.
  3. Execute via Administrator to insert the registry keys.
  4. Log files will be created in C:\.
  5. If needed, edit the files to change the path.
  6. Restart IIS by running an: iisreset from the command-line.
  7. Restart the Altiris Service.

Now run the Network Discovery again so you can capture trace logs as needed.

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