How to sync Mobility Suite Front End server cache's local storage in the vol1 directory to BLOB storage in a MySQL Database.


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The script needs to be run from the /usr/local/nukona/appstore_cu directory which can be accessed through the Terminal using the following command:
# cd /usr/local/nukona/appstore_cu

The below command can be run to view the contents of the BLOB storage on the MySQL database and compare it with the /vol1/ directory on the Mobility Suite Front End server:
python scripts check-cache -n -v

The below command needs to be run to sync the contents of the /vol1/ directory on the Mobility Suite Front End server to the BLOB storage on the MySQL database:
python scripts check-cache -y -v

The following query can be run on the MySQL database to verify the .ipa files that are in the BLOB storage:
select date_created, date_updated, filename, blob_size from appstore_blob where filename like '%/apps/%' order by date_created;

Additional Information


Please note that the database should be backed up before running the script. This script modifies the database with potentially large amounts of information. It is also recommended that the MaxAllowedPacketSize of the MySQL database is verified to ensure the largest .ipa file from the /vol1/ directory will be able to fit into BLOB storage. See TECH203275 for steps to check the MaxAllowedPacketSize on the MySQL database and increase it.