How to configure Windows Push Service (WNS) for use with Symantec Mobility Suite


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Mobility Suite




Note: Items needed to complete this process:

·     Windows Developer account.  There are two types of developer accounts, small business and enterprise; both will work with WPS.

·     The latest version of Visual Studio.

·     Windows 8.1 < workstation.

1.   Go to and sign-in:

2.   Click Dashboard and under Choose your dashboard click Windows Phone Store:

3.   Click Submit App:

4.   Click App info:

5.   Create an app name and click Reserve app name:

6.   Select any App Category and Save:

7.   After the app is saved get back into App info and click More options.

8.   Under Windows Push Notifications (WNS) click Everything you need to enable push notifications for your 8.1 app is here:

Tip: The WNS page can take up to 1 minute to load.

9.   Now copy and paste the following items to a notepad, for later use:
Package SID
Application identity
Client ID
Client secret

10. Launch Visual Studio on a 8.1 system.  Click File > New > Project. Within the menu listing, on the right, select Templates > Visual Basic > Store Apps > Windows Phone Apps. Select the ‘Blank App (Windows Phone) within the template listing. Click OK:

11. From the right pane, right-click Package-appxmanifest and click View code:

12.Within the Package.appxmanifest xml, (shown in the middle pane) replace the Identity Name and Publisher values with the corresponding Identity Name and Publisher values you retrieved from the Services item noted in step 9.   

Tip: A version string is required, as shown above.

13.Within the right pane, (where you right-clicked Package.appxmanifest) right click the App name reference at the top level (i.e, App2) and select Build. Once the build process has completed; right-click Package.appxmanifest and click View Designer.

Note: If you are prompted to close the first opened instance of Package.appxmanifest. Click Yes.

14.Within the Package.appxmanifest pane click the Packaging tab. Within this tab copy and paste the value for Package family name (PFN) to a notepad.

15. Open an SSH shell to the Mobility server and access /usr/local/nukona/appstore_cu/ by entering the following, as root:
cd /usr/local/nukona/appstore_cu/

16. From within this directory enter following command entering the information saved from steps 9 and 14.  Here is the syntax: ./ scripts mdm_core win8-push-credentials set -c ‘<client secret>’ ‘<package_security_id>’ ‘<pfn>’

17. With the WPS configured, see how to enroll a Windows 8.1 device.