Creating an Attestation Job
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Creating an Attestation Job


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Control Compliance Suite Response Assessment Module




Creating an Attestation Job
In the Symantec Control Compliance Suite Questionnaire, you can create an attestation job. An attestation job uses a Response Assessment module invitation template. If you have not created an invitation template, you cannot create an attestation job.
If you create an attestation job, you should not use the Response Assessment module Invitation feature to send an invitation for the same questionnaire. To do so creates multiple copies of the questionnaire in the Response Assessment Web client or Response Assessment Windows client.
You do the following:
- Create an attestation schedule
- Create an attestation job
To create an attestation schedule template
1. In the Attestation Schedules view, click New Attestation Schedule.
2. In the New Attestation Schedule - Questionnaires dialog box , type a name.
3. In the Review every box, type or select a number.
4. In the Response period ends box, type or select the number 5. Click Save.
To create an attestation job
1. In the Attestation Jobs view, click New Attestation Job.
2. In the Welcome to the Attestation Job Creation Wizard page, click Next.
3. In the Specify Job Information page, type a name. Select an Invitation Template. Click Next.
4. In the Select a Schedule Template page, select the attestation schedule. Click Next.
5. In the Specify Start Date page, select a start date. Click Next.
6. In the You have successfully created an attestation job page, click Finish.