How to have monit start up on server reboot, monitor all Mobility Suite services, and called directly from the Terminal.


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The following commands can be run from the Terminal on the Mobility Suite server to start up when the Linux OS reboots, monitor all Mobility Suite services, and call 'monit' directly from the terminal without specifying its control file:

1. Copy the monit control file that is installed with Mobility Suite to the same directory and rename it to 'monitrc' so that 'monit' can be called from the Terminal directly.

cp /etc/monit.conf /etc/monitrc

2. Monitor the Mobility Suite services and wait between 1 - 2 minutes for them to fully initialize.

/usr/bin/monit monitor all
/usr/bin/monit summary
3. Validate the Mobility Suite services to ensure that they are all running.
/usr/bin/monit validate
/usr/bin/monit status
/usr/bin/monit summary
4. Setup monit to start up when the Mobility Suite Linux server is rebooted.
chkconfig --add monit
chkconfig --level 2345 monit on
*Note* - A script which performs these steps automatically has been attached to this article as ''. The script's permissions may need to be modified before it can be run. In order to qualify the script for use and execute it, the following commands need to be run from the Terminal in the directory where the script is located:
chmod a+x

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