Is It Possible To Access the pcAnywhere Remote Control Page Directly?
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Is It Possible To Access the pcAnywhere Remote Control Page Directly?


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This is the Remote Control dialog box that appears in the Symantec Management Console to initiate pcAnywhere connection:

Is it possible to access the pcAnywhere web console page without first accessing the Symantec Management Console?



Yes, it is possible to directly access the same pcAnywhere remote control dialog by opening the following URL in a browser:


However, the Browse link and Advanced button will not work when accessing the RemoteControl.aspx page directly, because those actions require some session-specific data to be passed to it from the main Symantec Management Console (SMC) page, and that data is missing if the Console page is bypassed.

Therefore, Symantec recommends that users access the main SMC page first at


and then click

Actions > Remote Management > Remote Control.

Note that a user's access to the Remote Control page is dependent upon the appropriate permissions and privileges within the SMC.  The user who is connected to the SMC must belong to a Security Role which has sufficient Privileges and Permissions within the SMC for pcAnywhere Solution, otherwise the user will not have access to the Remote Control web page (or perhaps even the main Console page) and will receive an error like this...

For information on the minimum Privileges and Permissions required for a Security Role to use Remote Control, please see How to Create a Custom Security Role for Remote Control.