Silent Symantec Endpoint Protection Installation
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Silent Symantec Endpoint Protection Installation


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Endpoint Protection


 How does one make a Silent Install of Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP). Are there switches? If so, what are they?




The silent installation of SEP is handled during the creation of the Install package. There are no switches added to a command line to make it silent.

The creation of the installation package is performed with the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM).  However, due to the question arising from time to time, below are some simplified steps in order to assist with this process. For further details about the process, please refer to the SEP Documentation

The steps are as follows:

  1. Login to the SEPM Console
  2. Select the Admin Tab on the lower left side
  3. Also on the lower left side of the window will be an label for Install Packages, Select it.
  4. Directly above this label mentioned about is a section called View Install Packages. Within that section is the option for Client Install Settings. Select it.
  5. Again on the left, under Tasks, select Add Client Install Packages.
  6. In the new window that comes up, the first item under Client Install Setting is a drop down box for the installation type. Select Silent (or unattended).
  7. Give these settings a unique name at the top and make what ever other changes you would like.
  8. Save the settings.
  9. Next select Client install packages in the View Install Packages section.
  10. This will change the screen to show your install packages.
  11. Select a Package and export.
  12. In the Installation setting and features section, There is a drop down box to pick the customized installation settings. Select your newly created Settings.
  13. Proceed as normal.