Is there a way to automate the staging and policy creation in version 7.0 for 'Patch Management Solution for Windows'?


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Patch Management Solution for Windows




Is there a way to automate the Staging and Policy creation in version 7.0 for 'Patch Management Solution for Windows'?

The attached file can be imported to the following location and used to automate this process. 

  • To import the file go to Manage> Jobs and Tasks> System Jobs and Tasks> Software> Patch Management.  Right click on the Patch Management Folder and select Import.  Select the file that was downloaded from this KB.
  • Set a schedule for the 'Automated Bulletin Download' and 'Automated Bulletin Policy'. 
    Note: It is recommended that these be run every hour but run one at the top of the hour and the other on the half hour.
  • By default this will go back 2 years, to change this modify the 'SQL Automated Bulletin Policy' and 'SQL Bulletin to Download' tasks.  Within these tasks change the value in the following line to the desired value (the value is days)
        Set @DateRange = 730 --enter the number of days back to auto stage

This tool is not supported and is provided as is for customer convenience.

NOTE - Do not run this script on a Child Server in a Hierarchy!  Only the Parent Server should use the script so that the policies can replicate down to the Child Server(s).


Automated Staging and Policy creation.xml get_app
Automated Staging and Policy creation.xml get_app