How to change the bulletin package server settings, when the bulletin is already staged?


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Patch Management Solution for Windows Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




How to change the Patch Management Bulletin Package Server settings when the Bulletin is already staged?

Package Servers are not receiving existing patch packages for distribution to client machines because the configuration has been changed after the patch software update policy has been created.

Patch Management has initially been configured to distribute to Package Servers individually:

Settings > Software > Patch Management > Microsoft Settings > Microsoft > Policy and Package Settings

Allow Package Server distribution > Package Servers individually

Bulletins have been staged and tasks have been created.  Then changed the Package Server distribution configuration.

This change is not reflected on existing packages.

Note: See KB for additional information.


  1. Change the Patch Management Package Server settings to the desired setting
    • Navigate to: Settings > Software > Patch Management > Microsoft Settings > Microsoft > Policy and Package Settings
    • Select :Use alternate download location on Package Server (if required)
  2. Run the Check Software Update Package Integrity task
    • Navigate to: Manage > Jobs and Tasks > System Jobs and Tasks > Software > Patch Management >  Check Software Update Package Integrity.  Verify that the check box for 'Relocate existing packages if default Software Update Package location has changed?' is checked schedule the task to run now.