How do I refresh the Update Package for Patch Management 7.X?


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How do I refresh the Update Package for Patch Management 7.X?


   1.    Go to the Patch Remediation Center:


Console > Actions > Software > Patch Remediation Center

·         Right-click the Bulletin and select Disable

·         Quick refresh: Right-click the Bulletin and select 'Stage' or 'Download Packages' 


o    Watch the Altiris Log Viewer from the server to be ensure the download process is complete:

§  Recreate the Software Update Task if needed

o    Note: skip the ‘stage’ / 'Download Packages' process and follow through the rest of the article if trying to completely refresh the Package to download and replicate to the Package Servers


After disabling the bulletin in the PRC; delete the Resources of the Bulletin(s) that may be corrupt or incomplete:

 Console > Manage > Organizational Views > Default > All Resources > Package > Software Package

·         Delete the listed updates for the Bulletin(s) from this table

o    This will remove the correlation to the database and allow for a fresher package download

   3.    Physically delete the Software Update Package Download from the hard drive:

 Console > Settings > All Settings > Software > Patch Management > Core Services - shows the current location for Package Download

·         Default is at C:\Program Files\Altiris\Patch Management\Packages\Updates

o    Delete all affected packages and make any changes to the download location if needed to be redirected to an alternate drive



   4.    With the Bulletin disabled, the resources for the update wiped from the data base and the physical packages deleted, or if the download location was changed, they will need to be recreated:

Console > Actions > Software > Patch Remediation Center

·         Right clicked the Bulletin and selected 'Stage' or 'Download Packages' and this will completely refresh the Packages for this Bulletin

5.    Conditional Step: This setting will need to be enabled if the download location is changed as outlined in the last part of step 3 to update the codebases for all other packages that were held on the old storage path: 

Manage > Jobs and Tasks > System Jobs and Tasks > Software> Patch Management > Check Software Update Package Integrity 

·         Enable: Relocate existing packages if default Software Update Package location has changed?

o    Moves the location for existing packages if the download location for packages have changed as set on the Patch Management Core Solution


 Warning: The original download location must be intact for this process to 'move' the updates. The process requires the reference of the original download location. If this has been deleted or physically moved; ensure the original files are restored before proceeding; otherwise, the Software Bulletins will need to be manually recreated from the Patch Remediation Center.

Note: the original package folders are specific to GUID's which are created for each package on-the-fly, so a copy from a different SMP is not acceptable. Once these packages are 'moved' by the Check Software Update Package Integrity Job; the original packages will need to be manually deleted from the SMP, for they are not deleted following the process. This allows for the Administrator to ensure package integrity of the new location before removing the old physical packages.