DS7, NS7, TS7 - How can I create or edit tokens?
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DS7, NS7, TS7 - How can I create or edit tokens?


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Deployment Solution Task Server




With the migration of Deployment Solution from the Stand Alone 32bit Console in version 6.x to the integrated Web form in version 7.x, many of the functionality has been moved.  Tokens, for instance, are no longer stored in a bat file (KB 41484).  What tokens are now available in DS7 and/or for use with Task Server in SMP7?  Can we add more?  Can they be edited?

Tokens, along with most other data in Notification Server, are now stored in the database and are very simple to create, edit, and use. 

Where to Find, Edit, or Create Tokens

They are located under Settings | All Settings, then browse to Settings > Notification Server > Task Settings > Tokens.  It is a policy icon.

Editing a Token

  1. Go to the Tokens settings policy / page (above)
  2. On the right, there is a list of created tokens.  You must double-click a token to view the SQL.
  3. On the right now, the SQL for this token is exposed.  You could now edit that token and press Save Changes to save your work.

Modifying a Token

  1. It is not recommended you change a token, but rather create a new one with the same SQL and modify that.  To do this, highlight all the SQL in the token you want to change, right-click | Copy.
  2. Now click the New Token button at the top-left, and the field will appear to go blank.  Past your text in the field.
  3. Type in a new Name at the top.
  4. Modify the SQL as desired.

Deleting a Token

  1. Search for the token you created from the NS console (The search box on the top right corner of the console)
  2. Right click the token
  3. Select Delete
  4. Search again for the token and it will not be available.
  5. It might take extra time (about 1/2 hour) for tokens list to be updated.

Creating a Token
The process is the same as Modifying a token, unless you already know the necessary SQL.

It should be noted that the SQL used for these tokens is highly flexible.  For instance, you may find that some of the data you've recalled is not "valid" for the script you're running.  A VBScript task with an apostrophe in it may break the script, but this can be scrubbed per KB 50095 by using advanced SQL.