How do you get email notification to a group when a task is assigned?


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The functionality to notify group members via email when a task is queued is part of ServiceDesk, but is disabled by default.  Here are the steps to re-enable:

  1. Open the Incident Management Workflow Project (SD.IncidentManagement.package located in your Workflow Designer\workflowProjects\ folder)and go to the Initial Diagnosis model in the Project tree.
  2. Open the Initial Diagnosis dialog workflow component (component 2.8), go to the Event Configuration tab and open the Start Process sub-model.
  3. There is an embedded sub-model component (component 17) near the bottom-center called “Send Email to Group” which is disabled.  Right-click the component and choose Edit Component.
  4. Go to the Settings tab and check “Is enabled”.
  5. Click OK to close component edit screen.
  6. Right-click the “Send Email to Group”component again and choose Edit Model.
  7. Expand the Toolbox and search for Exception Trigger.
  8. Drag and Exception Trigger component into the model below the End component and Link the Exception Trigger component to the End component.
  9. Click OK to close open windows and redeploy the Project.

Note: This does not enable the group to be sent email (even if it has a specified  email address) instead of the workers. What will occur is that each worker that is part of the group will receive email. There is no out of box method of sending just the group email.