How do I Change the Logging Configuration For ServiceDesk?


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I have a need to change the logging configuration in ServiceDesk so that I can capture all of the data that I need.  I have noticed that there are some file size and number of file limitations, restricting my ability to track the problems I am looking at.  How do I change the logging settings?


Note: Workflow Solution needs to be installed and licensed.


Since ServiceDesk works upon the Workflow engine, all log file configuration is modified for Workflow.  Workflow Solution can be configured to capture log files for the Server Extensions, Workflow tools, and project data. 


In version 7.0, the Workflow Configuration and Logging tool is the correct location for modifying configuration and logging settings.  This tool can be found by clicking on Start > All Programs > Altiris > Workflow Designer > Tools > Configuration and Logging Tool.  This tool should look like the following:



  1. Click on the Exchange Configuration tab.
  2. Choose the local.config: LBQ_Server_Core server configuration.
  3. Choose the LogFileWriter- exchange and click Edit.


In version 7.1, the Workflow Configuration and Logging tool has been renamed to Workflow Explorer.  This can also be found in Start > All Programs > Symantec > Workflow Designer > Tools > Workflow Explorer.  This should look like:

  1. Click on the SymQ Configuration tab.
  2. Under the SymQ Configurations (the left pane), choose the SymQ_Core configuration.
  3. Choose the LogFileWriter- exchange and click Edit.


You will then see the following:

From this location you can modify the Base Directory, which is the disk location on the server where the log files are stored,  Max Size, which is the size (in KB) of each individual log file, the Max Number of Files, which is how many files will be created before they recycle or "roll".  They will be named  accordingly, with the most current log being named ensemble2006.log, then the next oldest being ensemble2006.1.log, and the next, ensemble2006.2.log and so on.  Once the value set in Max Number of Files is reached, the .1 version of the log file will be over-written, or rolled.   


Once you have the values you want configured, click Ok to save the changes to the LogFileWriter exchange, then click Save to save these changes to the exchange configuration.


Note:  Making changes to the exchange configuration while running can cause information currently in memory to be lost.  Changes to the exchange configuration are not committed until you save the changes to the exchange configuration.