How to report what Altiris solutions are installed on Symantec Management Platform 7.x?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)





Is there a Report that will list all the installed solutions and their version for Symantec Management Platform?

The attached report can be imported into your Symantec Management Platform installation to query the database for currently installed products and their version.

Please note that there are some cosmetic display differences between the information stored in the database and the information available from the Product Listing displayed by Symantec Installation Manager.


NOTE: To allow this report to be exported to a correctly formatted .CSV file the Name and Description fields have had commas removed

 Please refer to KB article HOWTO5738  for a report that works with Notification Server 6.0

To import the report

    • Download the xml file
    • Open the NS Console
    • Go to Reports -> All Reports
    • Right click "Reports"
    • Choose Import
    • Select the xml file you downloaded



Installed Solutions.xml get_app
Installed Solutions.xml get_app