What are the user roles in a ServiceDesk ticket
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What are the user roles in a ServiceDesk ticket


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 ServiceDesk user/ticket relationships 

Affected User = the person listed in the incident who has the issue the ticket is about. 

Submitter = the person who created the ticket. This can be the Affected User or someone else that created the case for the Affected User such as a coworker, manager or the support technician who may then take ownership of the case. 

Assignees = Unless the previous assignments are cleared there can be multiple assigned queues, groups and workers at the same time. This is not the same as an assignment in Helpdesk it just means the queue, group or user has rights to the ticket. 

Owner = the person currently responsible for the ticket. There will be only one ticket owner at a time. This is the equivalent to a Helpdesk tickets assigned worker.