How to perform a scripted installation of the AClient with password protect agent properties in 6.9 SP1 and later


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How do I perform a scripted installation of the AClient using an aclient.inp input file with a password to prevent access to the AClient properties?

DS 6.9 SP1, SP2 & SP3

The security encryption method has been changed for the AClient agent for DS 6.9 SP1 and above.  This version does not allow the use of clear text password in configuration files. The password in the aclient.inp needs to be encrypted for this functionality to work.


Perform the following steps in-order to add an encrypted password in the aclient.inp file:

  1. Open the remote agent installer.
  2. On the second screen, click the Change Settings button.
  3. Edit all the settings here to reflect the requirements (specifically add a password for the agent properties). Click OK.
  4. Click Next until you get to the Selecting Clients screen. Add one computer here (doesn't matter which computer). Click Export.
  5. You now have two files that were exported. 
  6. Rename the ****.inp file to be aclient.inp
  7. Copy the new AClient.inp to the same location of the AClient.exe
  8. Use the above file on the command line on the agent.  For example:

C:\AltirisAgents\aclient\aclient.exe C:\AltirisAgents\aclient\aclient.inp -silent -install -scriptedinstall