How to setup or change Inbox Monitoring in ServiceDesk post-install?
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How to setup or change Inbox Monitoring in ServiceDesk post-install?


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You need to setup or change your existing Mail Monitoring Service settings post-install of ServiceDesk Server.

ServiceDesk 7.0
ServiceDesk 7.1

To change the Mail Monitoring Service Settings:

  1. Login to the ServiceDesk Portal as an Administrator.
  2. Go to Admin > Data > Application Properties.
  3. Click on the Actions button (red arrow/lightning bolt) to the right of ServiceDeskSettings and select Display Definition Values. This will let you see all of your current settings.
  4. To change settings click the Actions button and select Edit Values.
  5. Scroll down to the Category: Mail Monitoring Service section:
    - EmailMonitoringServerPort: Enter the port number the mailbox uses. Default port for POP3 is 110 (995 for POP3-SSL) and for IMAP4 is 143 (993 for IMAP-SSL).
    - EmailMonitoringServerProtocol: Valid values are POP or IMAP. This may be case sensitive, so please enter as shown.
    - EmailMonitoringMailUsingSSL:  Check this box if the mail account is using SSL.
    - EmailMonitoringMailboxPassword : The password for the account that has access to this Mailbox
    - EmailMonitoringMailServer:  The name or FQDN of the mail server hosting the mailbox you wish to monitor.
    - EmailMonitoringMailBoxUserName:  This is the username of the user that has access to the mailbox.
  6. After making these changes, scroll down to the bottom of the window and click Save.
  7. In order for the changes to take effect you will need to restart IIS and Logicbase Server Extensions (in 7.0) or Symantec Workflow service (in 7.1).