What are the requirements for a successful installation of ServiceDesk 7.0
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What are the requirements for a successful installation of ServiceDesk 7.0


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What are the requirements for a successful installation of ServiceDesk 7.0 Server?


The ServiceDesk application software is installed on the 64-bit ServiceDesk server computer. This server cannot contain an installation of Helpdesk Solution.

When you install the ServiceDesk application software and SQL Server on different computers, the computers must meet the following requirements:

  • Both servers must be members of the same domain.
  • This configuration must be installed in an Active Directory environment.
  • For the database cube reporting to work in an off-box SQL configuration, Windows authentication is required.
    This requirement is due to a limitation in the SQL Server Analysis Services.

Item Requirement

Computer and processor

Multi-core or multiple physical processors, 64-bit


Minimum required: 4 GB
Minimum recommended: 8 GB
Preferred: 16 GB

Operating system

Windows Server 2003 64 bit

SQL Server components

The ServiceDesk server computer requires the SQL Server ADOMD.NET. This SQL Server component is a Microsoft .NET Framework data provider. It facilitates communication with the Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.

If SQL Server is installed on a computer that is separate from the ServiceDesk server computer (off-box), then the ServiceDesk Server requires the following SQL Server components:

  • SQL Management Objects
    This component of SQL Server is part of the SQL Server 2005 Management Objects Collection. You can download the Management Objects Collection installation from the Microsoft Web site. The file name is SQLServer2005_XMO_x64.msi.
  • SQL Native client
    This component is a prerequisite for installing the SQL Management Objects.

Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)


.NET Framework

.NET 3.5 with ASP.NET

Internet browser

ServiceDesk is intended to work with all the major Internet browsers.

We have tested ServiceDesk with the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and later
  • Mozilla Firefox 2 and later
  • Safari 3 and later

Additional requirement

The ServiceDesk server computer must be a member of the Administrators group on the SQL Server computer.


1. 4 GB of RAM is the minimum to install Servicedesk. We strongly recommend 8 GB for testing purposes, and 16 GB for any type of production.

In summary, Servicedesk is a very resource-intensive application, even in a testing environment.  Proper hardware and reliable backend services are critical to the correct functioning of the application.