How to perform a TFTP/MTFTP Test without Deployment Server


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How can we perform TFTP test(s) independent of pre-boot in Deployment Server to verify its functionality?


An easy way to determine if the MTFTP service is working and also confirm the IP address it is listening on, would be to use the command netstat –an on the PXE server from a command prompt and look for UDP in the return.  Replace the IP address with the IP Address of the server being tested.

Another good test to be performed, should be performed from the segment where the PXE client is attempting to be booted.  Use the TFTP client command line utility available at to attempt a download of the bstrap.0 file from the MTFTP service.

  • Download tftp.exe from the URL ( above, to c:
  • Run the following command c:\tftp.exe -i get BStrap\X86pc\BStrap.0 c:\test.txt and review the result.  Replace the IP address with the IP Address of the server being tested.
  • Note:  The result should come back as something similar to the following if MTFTP is up and end to end connectivity to tftp is available.

Transfering file BStrap\X86pc\BStrap.0 from server in octet mode...
Using blocksize = 512
Transfer size = 23244 bytes
File BStrap\X86pc\BStrap.0 was transferred successfully.
23244 bytes transfered for 1 seconds, 23244 bytes/second

Another example here to download a bigger file.(around 130 MB)

c:\tftp.exe -i get MenuOption131\X86PC\sources\boot.wim c:\boot.wim

Transfering file MenuOption131\X86PC\sources\boot.wim from server in octet mode.
Using blocksize = 512
Transfer size = 134162644 bytes
File MenuOption131\X86PC\sources\boot.wim was transferred successfully.
134162644 bytes transfered for 85 seconds, 1578384 bytes/second

MenuOption131 refers to my WinPE menu option.