How do I refresh Patch Management Inventories for the 7.0 Client?


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How do I refresh Patch Management Inventories for the 7.0 Client?


The resolution is as follows:

  • First, set the Patch Inventories to 'Always'
    • Microsoft Updates: At Console > Settings > All Settings > Software > Patch Management > Microsoft Settings >  Microsoft Vulnerability Analysis Policy 
    • Microsoft Adobe Updates: Console > Settings > All Settings > Software > Patch Management > Adobe Settings > Adobe Vulnerability Analysis Policy
  • Next, update all in use Filters
    • At Console > Settings > All Settings > Notification Server > Console Settings > Views > Administrative Tools > Automatic Filter Updating
      • In the Right Pane – Delta Update
        • Select the Run button in the upper right hand corner

          Update Configuration and Send Basic Inventory from the Client to receive the change in the Inventory Policy 
          • Open the Altiris Agent Settings by right clicking the Symantec icon on the systray
            • Select the Update and Send button
  • Then, refresh the inventories for a client
    • Remote session with a single client
      • Delete the InventoryRuleCache.ibd file
  • Next, push back Patch Inventories from the client
    • Drag-and-drop the AeXPatchUtil.exe over a CMD, or run cd /path, and run the command (space)/i. Example: C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\PatchMgmtAgent>AeXPatchUtil.exe /i 
      • Process outlined in KB HOWTO4198: This process is attached as a .txt file that can be saved as a .bat file and used to run on targeted machines, in a DS Job for example, at the administrator's discretion. It has not been officially tested and is not supported by Symantec/Altiris. However, it simply runs the commands listed above and was tested in a single environment to find it works. The .bat file may display the CMD DOS window on the client while executing if it is not being ran with Deployment Solution or Software Delivery Solution, for those solutions have the means to 'hide' the window.


Also note the diferrences between the IBD file for PM 7.0 from the IAD file from PM 6.2 KB as outlined in KM: HOWTO9791.



    Deleting_IRCIBD[1].txt get_app
    Deleting_IRCIBD[1].txt get_app