How can Aclient configuration changes be pushed through a Deployment Server job?


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How can Aclient configuration changes be pushed through a Deployment Server job?


  1. First you need to create an aclient.inp file that has all of the correct settings needed for the clients. This can be done either by manually editing the aclient.inp sample file in the express share, or by creating a new file using the Remote Agent installer. Using the Remote Agent Installer is much easier due to a Graphical User Interface. This method will be used for this explanation.
  2. Run the Remote Agent Installer (from the DS console under Tools > Remote Agent Installer).
  3. After clicking "Next", click on the "Change Settings" button. Update all AClient settings to what is wanted.
  4. Click "OK" to close the settings window, then click on "Next" >> "Next"
  5. When you reach the last step, click Add, enter “temp” as the computer name, and click OK.
  6. Click Export, browse to the Desktop, and click Save, OK, and then Cancel.
  7. Now go to the Desktop, delete clients.rci, and rename clients_temp.inp to aclient.inp.
  8. Move aclient.inp to the eXpress share.
  9. In the Deployment Server Console, create a job called AClient Configure.
  10. Add a Copy File To task to that job with a source of your new aclient.inp file and a destination of “settings:aclient.inp”. It destination must be that EXACT syntax without the quotes (it is case sensitive).
  11. Schedule that job to run on all computers

    This will copy the aclient.inp to the destination Aclient machines, the Aclient properties will be modified with the changes in the aclient.inp file, the aclient will restart using the new setting and the aclient.inp will be removed from the Aclient machines.