How to run an NS7 custom inventory VBScript manually on a client computer


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How to run a custom inventory VBScript outside of the Symantec Management Console.


VBSCript-based custom inventory uses an object-oriented class named Altiris.AeXNSEvent. This class is found in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Altiris\AeXNSEvent.dll file on client computers when the Inventory Agent Plug-in is installed.

Since this dll is registered, it is possible and helpful to run Custom Inventory VBScripts from a command line or another preferred method on a test machine. This allows for debugging and for viewing on-screen messages created by the VBScript.

Not only are the class and methods available, the methods can actually contact the Notification Server and pass the NSE file to the NS for processing and data loading.

The entire custom inventory process - from gathering data to data loading on the NS - can be manually tested outside of the Symantec Management Console.

Note: This will consume an Inventory Solution license the same as if it ran from an NS task/job/policy.

To manually test a Custom Inventory VBScript from a command line, please do the following:

  1. Create a VBScript file using an IDE or a simple text editor on a computer that has the Inventory Agent Plug-in installed. 
  2. Save the script to a preferred directory of your choice. It needs to have a ‘.vbs’ file extension.
  3. Open a DOS command shell. 
  4. CD to the preferred directory containing this script. 
  5. Run ‘cscript <scriptname>.vbs’. (Note: cscript is usually available by default on Windows computers. If not, it can be downloaded from various places.)
  6. Once the script is complete and data processes on the NS accurately, the text of the script is ready to be pasted into a 'Run script'  task in the Symantec Management Console.