How to manually retrieve the Client Policy for a computer using a browser in NS7


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




In NS 7, the Altiris Agent uses an HTTP POST call to retrieve the Client Policy, but there are times when it's necessary to retrieve it manually when troubleshooting Policy issues.  How can this be done?

In a web browser, the following URL can be used to retrieve the client config for a computer.  In NS7, Client Policies are requested compressed by default, but this can be turned off:

  1. Replace "localhost" with the server name if not being loaded on the NS.
  2. Change compress="0" to compress="1" to use compression (the file will be displayed in binary in certain browsers, or downloaded in others).
  3. Change the guid to the resource guid for the computer.

http://localhost/Altiris/NS/Agent/GetClientPolicies.aspx?xml=<request configVersion="2" compress="0"><resources><resource required="true" host="true" guid="{7074B73F-B143-4CB6-B44B-A6D38AA6733D}"/></resources></request>