How does the "Delay at system boot (secs)" registry key work?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




How does the "Delay at system boot (secs)" registry key work?




Delay at system boot (secs) previously used to prevent the starting of the Altiris Agent for the specified registry value. The setting now causes the Altiris Agent to start but be suspended for the time specified by the registry value. The value of this key can be set up to 600 (10 minutes). It should prevent inventory and any other Altiris processes from occurring during this suspension time.


The logs will show an entry of when the agent goes into and out of suspension.

All of the tabs on the Altiris Agent UI will be empty.


Note: After ITMS 7.5, it works only on XP/2003, starting with Vista SMA service is “Delayed Start” type of service, starts 2-3 minutes after all other services.