Creating a security role that only has rights to run reports in NS7


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How to create a Security Role that has rights to only read and run reports


Creating a Security Role that only has rights to run reports

The steps below are done in the Security Role Manager.
-Select the security role that is being edited
-Select the reports view
-Highlight top level Reports folder
-The folder should have read rights for the role in question.
 It is not important whether or not the rights are inherited.

On the folder that contains the reports.
-Select the security role that is being edited
-Select the All Items view
-Verify that the Security role has System permission of Read  and Report permissions of Run and Save Reports.

On each of the folders that should not be seen by the Security Role in question you will need to stop inheritance and remove rights to read.
-Select a folder this listed below the top level Reports folder
-Click on advanced
-Select the security role
-Deselect inherit the permission
-Save changes
-When the prompt comes up select Copy
-Reselect the security role
-Deselect the Read option
-Save changes
-Close the window
-Refresh the screen in the Security Role Manager.  The folder will no longer display for the role in question.

If the Security Role is a new security role then you will also need to follow the below steps to get access to the console.
-Create a new Security Role
-Click on Show security Role Manager Console
-Select Correct Security Role
-Select Console Menu View
-Click edit pencil
-Select Reports
-Save Changes
-Add members to the role via membership tab in Security Roles page

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