Planning for Symantec Management Platform 7.0 maintenance activities
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Planning for Symantec Management Platform 7.0 maintenance activities


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Planning for Symantec Management Platform 7.0 maintenance activities.



Document any changes you make, such as editing or creating new policies, tasks, reports, etc. For example, you could take screenshots of your changes, write your changes in a notebook, or export the changed or newly created items as an XML file and store them in another location.

Ensure that you have a database and SMP server backup before making significant changes to the environment, such as:

  • Installing Service Packs or Hotfixes
  • Repairing an installed component
  • Reconfiguring the database for a component or product

Symantec Installation Manager

Upon launch, Symantec Installation Manager checks for critical updates. If a critical update is found, no other activity will be allowed until that update is installed. Before launching SIM for a planned maintenance activity on your Symantec Management Platform server, such as adding licenses or installing and repairing solutions, first launch in your pre-production environment to check for any critical updates.

If a critical update is found that you are not prepared to install, due to change control, consider the following workaround for the production system undergoing maintenance:

Temporarily prevent SIM from checking for updates during the maintenance window:

  • Block access from the SMP server to the URL
  • Perform your maintenance activities
  • Restore access to from the SMP server