What is Machine Usage and how is it calculated?
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What is Machine Usage and how is it calculated?


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What is Machine Usage and how is it calculated in NS 6/7?





Machine Usage is calculated on the Notification Server from the logon and logoff events in the Evt_AeX_Client_LogOn table.  When a user logs off, the Notification Server calculates the time since logon and enters the time as Duration.  The Notification Server runs a job nightly that figures out who has logged the most time and makes them the Rank 1 user.  The next highest duration is Rank 2, etc.

At 3:10am each morning by default, the NS.Machine Usage Generation schedule is ran, which associates the highest duration with the Rank 1 user.

Here are a few scenarios:

Scenario 1: User A logs onto the system, and then 2 months later logs off on the 2nd of the month. 

Result: Since the logoff occurred during the calendar month, the user will be the Rank 1 user for the rest of the month, as they have a lopsided 2 month duration.



Scenario 2: User B logs into system on the 1st and logs off on the 10th of the current month.  No other users login the rest of the month.

Result: User B is made the Rank 1 user on the 10th, and will remain Rank 1.

Scenario 3: User C logs onto system on the 1st and logs off on the 2nd.  User D logs onto system on the 2nd and logs off on the 10th.  User E logs onto system on the 10th, and off on the 21st.

Result:  User C is the Rank 1 user on the 2nd, and remains the Rank 1 user until the 10th.  On the 10th User D becomes Rank 1 bumping User C to Rank 2 and on the 21st User E is Rank 1 further bumping the other users.  On the 22nd User E is Rank 1, D is Rank 2 and C is Rank 3.

Scenario 4: User F and G both share a computer during the day.  Some days User F is logged in more, and other days User G has more time.

Result: It is possible that both users would be Rank 1 users on different days during the month, and it is possible that they may even swap every other day depending on each users duration by 3:10am each morning.