What is the meaning for each of the SWD Task Status


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What is the meaning for each of the SWD Task Status?

Waiting to download
Waiting to retry download
Package not yet downloaded
Task never started
Retrying Downloading


Waiting to Download – The agent is waiting for a download slot on the NS or Package Server or the task has a lower execution priority than a currently downloading task.  If another download is already in progress, this will also be the status if we know the codebases for the package.

Waiting to Retry download – After a failed download, the package is in this state until it retries the download.

Package not yet downloaded – A download attempt has not yet been executed.  This generally occurs if we haven’t received the full codebase details or negotiated what codebases to use.

Task never started – The time to execute has not yet passed.  This also happens with Sequential Tasks for each subtask (the main sequential task does not show up, but the subtasks do).  Until the Task Synch Agent executes the task, this is the status.

Retrying download – If a failure to download has occurred, a subsequent attempt to download will use this status