How to Install Symantec Encryption Desktop for Windows - Overview (Unmanaged/Standalone)


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This article includes links to articles to perform all the steps necessary to install the Symantec Encryption Desktop client.  All articles linked in this overview will discuss all necessary steps to install Symantec Encryption Desktop, including where to download the software, as well as performing the installation.


TECH224415 Encryption Desktop for Windows - System Requirements Information on Operating Systems and general compatibility.
HOWTO85149 Considerations and Best Practices for Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.3.2 Tips to consider before installing.
TECH195170 How to Download Symantec Encryption Desktop (unmanaged/standalone) Information on locating Serial and License Numbers, selecting the proper download file and downloading.
HOWTO85096 How to Install Symantec Encryption Desktop (unmanaged/standalone) Extracting the download file, and installing the software.