How to Enable and Configure the System Performance Report for Monitor Solution
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How to Enable and Configure the System Performance Report for Monitor Solution


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This document covers how to enable and configure the System Performance Report for Monitor Solution for the Symantec Management Platform. This document specifically covers how to configure this report for Windows Servers, however it can be used for Red Hat, SUSE, Solaris, and AIX server platforms. The report gives you graphical server data regarding user data, network bandwidth usage, and open files.

ITMS 8.x

How To:
To get this report up and running for Windows Server Operating Systems there are 3 particular metrics that need to be applied.  Please keep in mind this
report will not work on non-server versions of the operating systems.  The 3 metrics that need be applied are the following:

  • Bytes Total/Sec
  • Files Open
  • Server Sessions

These can be used in either standard metric form or the metric collect versions may be used to populate the report.  If you choose to use the metric version then the policies and rules
will need to be configured.  If you choose to use the metric collect version then all that will need to be done is adding those rules to a new policy which will be covered in this document.
The main difference between a metric and a metric collect is that standard metrics are more "real time" than the metric collects.  Metric collects take anywhere from 15 minutes to hours to upload
data to the SQL server where standard metrics are almost instantaneous.  Also in this instance it should be noted that none of the metric collects will be shown in the event console.  To be clear metric
collects do not generate alerts for these particular metrics.  They are for report/historical performance only.

Steps to Enable:

  1. Navigate to Home > Monitoring and Alerting > Monitor > Policies > Monitor Policies
  2. Right click the Monitor Policies folder and select New > Monitor Policy (Agent-Based).
  3. Give the policy a name such as "System Performance Policy" and click the Save changes button.
  4. In the policy view click the blue + button to add the following rules: Server - Bytes Total/sec, Server - Files Open, Server - Server Sessions. Note that these can all be added at once by pressing the control button and left clicking the individual rules.
  5. Finally target your Windows Server machines with the policy under the applies to section and click Save Changes.
  6. To make sure the targeted computers get the policy immediately you can log into the individual machines and use the update in the Symantec Management Agent user interface or simply wait an hour or so for them to update automatically. If using the metric collect version please allow an hour or two for the metrics to start reporting to the database. Once you think these may have started coming in you can navigate to the report to view the data.
  7. The report can viewed at the following location: Reports > All Reports > Monitoring and Alerting > Monitor > Servers > Common Performance > System > System Performance