Activity Center is missing the "Identification" section for some computer resources
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Activity Center is missing the "Identification" section for some computer resources


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IT Management Suite Inventory Solution




 In some cases, the Activity Center in the NS/SMP console does not show an "Identification" section for computer resources. 

Note: Thas has been resolved in 7.5 SP1 HF5 and in 7.6. 


The reason for this is that the Identification section is currently dependent on the presence of hardware inventory data. Once hardware inventory runs on a computer resource and the correct data classes are populated, the Identification section will appear. The specifics are: 


1.    Activity Center will call the "spGetFullPageIdentificationSection". This procedure queries the vHWComputerSystem view, as shown here: 


--CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[spGetFullPageIdentificationSection]

select * --top 1 a.[Identifying Number], a.[Device ID] 

      from vHWComputerSystem a 

      where  a._ResourceGuid = @resourceGuid


2. The vHWComputerSystem view consists of data from the following query, as shown here:


--CREATE VIEW [dbo].[vHWComputerSystem]


Inv_HW_Logical_Device.[_ResourceGuid] ,

            Inv_HW_Computer_System.[Identifying Number],

            Inv_HW_Computer_System.[Number Of Processors],

            Inv_HW_Computer_System.[Total Physical Memory (Bytes)],


            Inv_HW_Logical_Device.[Device Class],



            Inv_HW_Logical_Device.[Device ID]

    FROM Inv_HW_Logical_Device INNER JOIN Inv_HW_Computer_System ON Inv_HW_Logical_Device.[Device ID] = Inv_HW_Computer_System.[Device ID]

            AND Inv_HW_Logical_Device.[_ResourceGuid] = Inv_HW_Computer_System.[_ResourceGuid]


Note that both tables, Inv_HW_Computer_System and Inv_HW_Logical_Device, are populated only by hardware inventory. Once these are populated correctly, the Identification section will appear in the Activity Center for the given computer resource.