How to change the task server communication port to task clients
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How to change the task server communication port to task clients


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IT Management Suite Task Server





How can the communication port between the task server and task clients be changed from 50124 (default) to another value?


This is changed by modifying the task server settings on the Notification Server.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Notification Server > Site Server Settings > Task Service > Settings > Task Service Settings
  2. Check the box to automatically restart services
  3. Change the Value of "Client to Task Server Tickle" to the port you want tickle communication to use
  4. Click Save
  5. Open the Altiris Agent settings on the notification server
  6. Click Update

The services should then restart and begin to use the new port configuration.

Note:  You can not select a port that is already in use by another service or application.  This includes the other settings on the Task Service Settings page (Server to NS tickle, Task Server Remoting, etc).

Note:  It may take a couple minutes for the AtrsHost to come up initialize to the point of binding to the new port.  You can monitor the service using netstat, tcpview, or procexp.