Workflow 7.5 Service Pack 1 Point Fix Rollup
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Workflow 7.5 Service Pack 1 Point Fix Rollup


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The following issues have been addressed and resolved in the point fix roll up. All these fixes will be included in the next update when it is released. Once the update is released all customers who've applied the point fix rollup will need to upgrade.

This version of Workflow is NOT compatible with ServiceDesk. Do not install this version on a server running ServiceDesk. Article HOWTO95421 contains the list of fixes for the ServiceDesk compatible build.

Please note:
  • The rollup has not gone through the full suite of testing normally associated with a regular release.
  • The rollup must be installed in a test environment and be tested for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • A Symantec support engineer should assist with the initial installation of the rollup.

Before applying this rollup it is highly recommended that you take a full backup of your ProcessManager database. There is no option to uninstall this rollup once it is applied. If the customer must back out the rollup they will need to completely re-install Workflow and restore the backed up database.

To aquire the rollup please contact Symantec Technical Support and reference this article.

Etrack# Explaination of Issue Build Date Build Version
3527804 Get Task Status Details component does not output data correctly 9/10/2014 7.5.6183.8
3535621 Process View Page errors when server's regional date settings are modified to display the day first. 9/10/2014 7.5.6183.8
3536400 Create new DLP component Update Incidents 9/10/2014 7.5.6183.8
3540413 Form.aspx page now includes a <!doctype> entry causing forms to not properly render in IE & Firefox after a project is published. 9/10/2014 7.5.6183.8
3563182 While compiling webservice Intergration library in WF 7.5.6153.0 we get an error "'LogicBase.Components.WebServiceCaller.WebServiceInfo' does not contain a definition for 'HttpAuthUsername'" 9/10/2014 7.5.6183.8
3575300 Error generated when attempting to use the EmailNotification ruleset to modify user generated ORM data types. 9/10/2014 7.5.6183.8
3590994 Excel Write output of datetime is not in a Date format. 9/10/2014 7.5.6183.8
3598135 Custom generated ORM types that are used to extend existing Automation rules don't properly load their data when used in an email template defined for CommentAdded data type events. 9/10/2014 7.5.6183.8
3615315 CE- The SQL Query found in ProcessReportCommands.cs does not have a "With (Nolock)" parameter in the query, causing it to slow down high SQl use environments. 10/10/2014 7.5.6183.11
3622946 CE - Need to create e-mail template tokens to provide the ability for Current Date & Time, along with their associated long & short formats. 10/10/2014 7.5.6183.11
3622963 CE - When adding an integration component Repository library to a project both the DLL and the .libconfig are added to the Libraries tab of the project 10/10/2014 7.5.6183.11
3627497 CE - Add Process Message throws dictionary error. 10/10/2014 7.5.6183.11
3636359 When using ODBC integration component connecting to MySQL, a SQL syntax error is returned in the logs 10/10/2014 7.5.6183.11
3655895 Copied Report - Actions on Report View page reference the original report. 01/07/2015 7.5.6183.15
3655962 Web Caller Generator has UI for certificate and windows authentication but it doesn't work 01/07/2015 7.5.6183.15
3679481 Data type selection screen takes upwards of 10 minutes to load due to # of data types in project. 01/07/2015 7.5.6183.15
3687175 CE - Project cannot be saved when using DeploymentServerCredentials data type. 01/07/2015 7.5.6183.15
3697574 CE-Decision Table component throws Object not set to in instance of an object error. 01/07/2015 7.5.6183.15
3644848 When 'Is User In Group' component configured with OU Organization path, it will go down the Error path with a messege "There is no such object on the server". 01/20/2015 7.5.6183.19 
3694777 CE-DateTime parsing error when SQL integration component gets date value from Get Current Date component 01/20/2015 7.5.6183.19



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