Releasing a quarantined email
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Releasing a quarantined email


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 You have received a notification about an inbound or outbound email from one of your users is blocked by anti malware service.


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Releasing a quarantined email

When Antivirus intercepts a virus in an email, it places the infected email into a holding pen. The infected email is stored for up to 30 days before it is deleted. This quarantine period ensures that the virus is isolated and cannot infect the intended recipient's computer.

Each quarantined email has a unique identifier, which is known as a Pen number. This number is stated in the administrator alerts and user alerts that are issued when an email containing a suspect virus is received.

An Administrator can allow a virus-infected email to be released from the quarantine pen and delivered to the intended recipient.

To release an email from quarantine

  1. Select Services > Email Services > Anti-Virus.

  2. In the Virus Settings tab, select Virus Release.

  3. Enter the Pen number of the virus.

    The Pen number is found in the administrator alert.

  4. Click Go.

    Details of the quarantined email are displayed in a pop-up window.

  5. Locate the required entry and click the Release option in the right-hand column.

    A disclaimer is displayed.

  6. To release the quarantined email, click Confirm.

    A confirmation message is displayed. The email containing the virus is released to the intended recipient.