Where can I find the Asset/CMDB database schema?
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Where can I find the Asset/CMDB database schema?


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IT Management Suite Asset Management Solution CMDB Solution




Question: Occasionally, there is a need to obtain an Altiris database schema for Asset Management Solution and/or CMDB Solution. This is usually so that a custom report and/or custom SQL script can be created based on this information. Where can this be found at?
Answer: Unfortunately, Symantec Technical Support does not have and therefore is unable to provide a detailed Altiris database schema that shows all relationships between tables and data classes for Asset Management Solution and/or CMDB Solution. Even if this were available, it would quickly be outdated with new product versions, service packs and hot fixes, as these often change the schema, and would therefore be obsolete.

To help the customer get started on creating a custom report or SQL script, however, Symantec Technical Support has created the following white paper, which discusses were common Asset Management and CMDB tables and data classes are in the Altiris database:

How to create a custom report for assets

If the customer still needs further help, Symantec Technical Support can provide pointers on where to further look at in the Altiris database. Also, the customer can discuss their needs with their DBA, who can also help them with finding data in the Altiris database.