How to restrict access for a user for specific client machines in an organizational view.


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)





  • Dedicated Admin/Maintenance user, who can manage certain features and  only for certain clients under child NS Server depends on rule they create
So, in child NS will have:
Limitedadmin1 : can manage only clients Group A
Limitedadmin2:  can manage only clients Group B

Steps to implement the above scenario:

1.       Create a new Organizational view, and move those machines in the view (Group A which you need to manage with Limitedadmin1).

2.       Create a Role (name Test) and go to the security role manager for that role.

3.       Select Resources and add the specific Organizational Group to the role (as shown next). Give the required permissions.

4.    Assign the role to the user (Limitedadmin1) as shown next and also assign the privileges for the console which you would like the user to access.

5. Open the console with the user (Limitedadmin1) and it will only show you the machines for the Specific Organizational Group for the one you have created the role (test).